Arte Fusion - Cynthia M. Daniel

Cynthia M. Daniel - A Woman that Welds

Sparks to Sculpture...Transforming metal discards into ART!
I’ve always been an artist - from creating original greeting cards as a child to my current preoccupation with metal sculpture. Ten years ago I took a welding class to make metal support pieces for my fused glass and mosaic sculptures. I realized then that working with metal was where I was really happy. It’s a combination of creativity, structural engineering and artistic foresight. Each time I create a piece, it’s a wonderful rewarding challenge. I traded in my long time Lakewood residence for an acre lot in East Dallas with plenty of space for a backyard studio. My studio is toured by hundreds of art lovers each October as part of the White Rock Artists Studio Tour.

I prefer to use “re-purposed” metal that I find in junk yards, flea markets and East Dallas big trash. My friends have become my “pickers” and know what I love - dropping off satellite dishes, old rusty wheel barrows and a sundry of other exciting steel on my driveway. If the metal attracts a magnet, then I can weld it!

Most pieces are not pre-planned as I let the metal speak to me. I walk through my stock pile of metal and an idea comes. Greta and Geraud, mother and son giraffes, (currently in my front yard) came from a hunk of steel left in my flower bed by the former owner of my home. Every morning I viewed this rusted column on my patio as I had breakfast. Then one day viola: I saw “Greta”. I sketched her outline in chalk on the rusted steel and got out my acetylene torch. The rest became “Geraud”. A rusted tool and gear became: “Clarisse Shops in the Nude”. A giant attic fan blade and metal tripod became: “Miracle Gro”. Naming my pieces is part of the fun!

Each May I participate in the White Rock East Garden and Artisans Tour selling my yard art in a garden setting. It helps potential customers visualize my art in their yard. I am available for commissions, but really prefer to sell my original creations. Since I will probably NEVER get that particular piece of metal again, your purchase is truly one-of-a-kind. I support the Bath House Cultural Center and each year enter the Dia de los Muertos show in October.

I belong to a number of art organizations including: Texas Sculpture Association, Artists Professionals of Texas, Texas Visual Arts Association and the Creative Art Center. My scholarly background includes a BFA from LSU and BBA from SMU. I maintain a full-time day job as a graphic designer and pursue my “passion for metal” on days off and weekends. Some day I hope to do metal sculpture and art in general full time!